Boho Scentsy Scent Circle


So convenient and so very Scentsy, make it a habit to refresh your day with a Boho Scentsy circle.

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These little beauties need no attention, even though they smell like divas! Just hang them up — you will feel like you are wandering in a wondrous orchard and garden full of plums, apples, mulberries and spicy cloves and cinnamon in no time. Tuck a little Scentsy surprise into unexpected places, slipping a Boho Scentsy Circle into your desk drawer at work or hanging one in the laundry room. The fabulous Boho fragrance is so bold and full of sweet and spicy goodness you will luxuriate in its juicy apple and plum aroma, sprinkled with candied mulberries and a clove and cinnamon garnish, in the car or anytime you open your laptop case, your lunch bag or your purse.