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Cider Mill Room Spray


Create the warm, nurturing essence of a Fall afternoon in your home with Scentsy’s Cider Mill Room Spray. The bright, crisp burst of fresh, ripe apples and the warm comfort of crushed pumpin fragrances are balanced and highlighted by a zing of blended spices.

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Experience the brilliance of autumn’s finest aromas with Scentsy’s Cider Mill Room Spray. This expertly crafted fragrance captures the essence of the season, featuring bright and fresh apples intertwined with the soothing embrace of crushed pumpkin. What sets this fragrance apart is its perfectly balanced blend of fresh spices that enhance and uplift the overall scent profile.

Unlike other similar products that may overwhelm the senses, Scentsy’s Room Spray offers a long-lasting, lingering fragrance that gracefully envelops your space. The blend of bright, crisp apples and the warm, comforting essence of crushed pumpkin creates an inviting ambiance that mirrors the essence of a serene Fall afternoon.

Imagine the crispness of freshly picked apples and the gentle comfort of pumpkin, all expertly accentuated by a zesty mix of blended spices. As you spritz the Room Spray, the air becomes infused with the bright and soothing notes, evoking the heartwarming embrace of the season.

Transform your space into a haven of autumnal delight with Scentsy’s Cider Mill Room Spray. Revel in the bright burst of fresh apples, the soothing comfort of crushed pumpkin, and the harmonious touch of blended spices. Embrace the warm and nurturing atmosphere of a Fall afternoon in the comfort of your own home, all thanks to the enchanting fragrance of Cider Mill Room Spray by Scentsy.