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Clean Breeze Scent Circle


The Clean Breeze Scentsy Scent Circle, along with our array of portable solutions, is your passport to a world that’s perpetually scented with the allure of renewal. Experience the transformative power of scent as you navigate through your day, confident that the air around you carries the essence of freshness, vitality, and positivity.


Introducing the Clean Breeze Scentsy Scent Circle – your portable ticket to a world of freshness, available wherever you go. Our Scent Circles are the epitome of convenience, allowing you to infuse your surroundings with the revitalizing scent of fresh linen. Whether you’re in your car, at the gym, in a closet, or any space in need of a touch of rejuvenation, the Clean Breeze Scent Circle is your ultimate solution.

Picture your daily commute. Now imagine that with the Clean Breeze Scent Circle suspended in your car, every drive becomes a breath of crisp, invigorating air. With its compact design, this Scent Circle is your constant companion, delivering a burst of freshness that transforms your driving experience.

But the versatility of the Scent Circle extends beyond the car. Tuck it into your gym locker and enjoy the sensation of stepping into a sanctuary of cleanliness after a vigorous workout. Or place it in your closet, where the aroma of clean linens mingles with your wardrobe, creating an atmosphere of pristine elegance.

Exploring the world of scent has never been more affordable – the Clean Breeze Scent Circle is yours for just $3.00 each. But why stop at one when you can indulge in our special offer? Purchase five Scent Circles and receive one for free, allowing you to embrace the essence of freshness in multiple spaces.

If you’re looking to carry scent with you on your journeys, explore our ingenious solutions. The Clean Breeze room spray and travel twist are designed to fit seamlessly into your life. The room spray emits a burst of fragrance wherever you are, and the travel twist ensures your favorite scent is always within reach.

Venturing beyond the confines of your home doesn’t mean leaving your cherished aromas behind. Our Scent Pak is the ideal companion for fragrance on the go. Hang it in your gym locker for an instant infusion of freshness or keep it in your travel bag to ensure your belongings exude the scent of freshly laundered linens.