Fish in the Sea Scentsy Warmer


The Fish in the Sea Scentsy Warmer, with its underwater scene and interactive lighting, offers a unique and enchanting experience for users.


The “Fish in the Sea Scentsy Warmer” is a captivating and interactive mini warmer designed to bring an underwater scene to life. Here are some key features based on the provided information:

Mini Warmer Design: With a height of 4 inches, the Fish in the Sea Scentsy Warmer is a mini warmer, making it a compact and versatile option for smaller spaces. Its size allows for easy placement on various surfaces, such as desks, shelves, or countertops.

Underwater Scene: The warmer is designed to showcase a delightful underwater scene. When lit, it reveals small fish surrounding the warmer in different colors. This feature adds an element of visual interest and brings the underwater theme to life, creating a dynamic and enchanting display.

Glass Construction: The use of glass in the construction of the warmer suggests a quality material that can enhance the visual appeal of the underwater scene. Glass allows for clarity and brilliance, allowing the colors and details of the fish to shine through when illuminated.

14-Watt Bulb: The warmer utilizes a 14-watt bulb to melt the wax. This wattage is common for mini warmers and provides a gentle and warm glow, contributing to the overall ambiance of the space. The bulb’s heat is also essential for melting the Scentsy Bars or wax melts, releasing their fragrance.

Interactive Lighting: The description implies that the lighting feature is interactive, with small fish appearing in different colors when the warmer is lit. This interactive element adds a playful and engaging dimension to the warmer, making it not only a functional item but also an entertaining piece of decor.

Its mini size, glass construction, and use of a 14-watt bulb make it a versatile and visually appealing addition to any space. Whether placed in a bedroom, office, or other small areas, this warmer brings a touch of underwater magic to your environment.