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Harvest Scentsy Hand Soap 3-pack


Three Hand Soaps in new and beloved seasonal scents!

Autumn Road Trip: Take a tour through crisp harvest apple, just-picked Anjou pear and a forest of towering silver oak.

New! Fall Into Love: Fresh orange peel and cool eucalyptus embrace sweet balsam.

Velvet Moon: Soft vanilla flower and white musk glow behind a silky layer of foggy mist.

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The Harvest Scentsy Hand Soap 3-pack is an exciting upcoming product that will be available for purchase starting September 1, 2023. This bundle features three hand soaps, each showcasing a unique and delightful seasonal scent, perfect for embracing the essence of autumn and elevating your handwashing experience.

The three enchanting fragrances included in the Harvest Scentsy Hand Soap 3-pack are:

  1. Autumn Road Trip: Immerse yourself in the scents of a crisp harvest apple, the sweetness of a just-picked Anjou pear, and the refreshing aroma of a forest filled with towering silver oak trees. This fragrance will take you on a sensory journey through the beauty of autumn landscapes.
  2. New! Fall Into Love: Experience the vibrant blend of fresh orange peel and cool eucalyptus coming together to embrace the delightful aroma of sweet balsam. This fragrance embodies the warmth and love of the autumn season.
  3. Velvet Moon: Revel in the softness of vanilla flower and white musk, glowing gently behind a silky layer of foggy mist. This fragrance offers a soothing and mysterious touch to your handwashing routine.

The Harvest Scentsy Hand Soap 3-pack not only brings seasonal scents to your hand care routine but also features the perfect cleansing lather. The soap is designed to be effective in removing dirt and impurities while leaving your hands feeling soft and refreshed.

As with all Scentsy Body products, the hand soaps are crafted with care, using high-quality ingredients to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience. The 11 fl. oz. size of each hand soap provides a generous amount, making them long-lasting and ideal for use by the whole family.

With our Scentsy Hand Soap, you can add a touch of autumn magic to your daily handwashing routine. Whether you are washing your hands in the kitchen after preparing seasonal treats or in the bathroom before cozying up for the night, these delightful fragrances will uplift your spirits and transport you to the beauty of the fall season.

Prepare to embrace the scents of autumn with Scentsy’s Harvest Hand Soap 3-pack, and get ready to experience the joy of seasonal scents as you cleanse and refresh your hands throughout the fall months and beyond.