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Just Breathe Scentsy Bar


You can bring such a gust into your home by placing a few pieces of our Just Breathe Scentsy Bar into your favorite Warmer. Before you know it, life can easily become overwhelming, and the only thing that can help quell your stress in those moments is to take a step back and just breathe. Within seconds, you’ll be swept away by a tempestuous wave of cool eucalyptus, which gives the aroma an invigorating green base. Subtle notes of zesty lemon are chilled by the frosty essence of many mint varieties.


The Just Breathe Scentsy Bar is a refreshing and invigorating fragrance designed to create a serene and calming atmosphere in your home. It features a blend of eucalyptus, mint, and lavender, which work together to promote relaxation and deep breathing.

When you melt the Just Breathe Scentsy Bar in a Scentsy warmer, the wax slowly releases its aromatic scent, filling your space with a cool and soothing aroma. The eucalyptus provides a clean and minty note that clears the air and promotes a sense of clarity. The mint adds a touch of freshness, while the lavender brings a hint of floral sweetness and helps to create a tranquil ambiance.

This fragrance is perfect for creating a spa-like experience in your own home. Whether you want to unwind after a long day or create a peaceful environment for meditation or yoga, the Just Breathe Scentsy Bar can help set the mood and enhance relaxation.

Scentsy Bars are made from a high-quality wax blend that is designed to melt at a controlled temperature, ensuring a consistent and long-lasting fragrance experience. They are safe to use with Scentsy warmers, which use a low-watt bulb to gently warm the wax without the need for an open flame.

So, if you’re looking for a fragrance that promotes relaxation and encourages deep breathing, our Just Breathe Scent is an excellent choice. Allow its soothing aroma to envelop your space and create a tranquil atmosphere that helps you unwind and find moments of calm.

Just Breathe Scentsy Bar