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Lush Gardenia Scentsy Circle


Elegant and refined at every level, the Lush Gardenia Scent Circle fills any enclosed space with the unmistakable aromas of white gardenias and tuberoses.


Strew these fragrant disks where you will, enjoying the aura of gardenia and tuberose in the bedroom, among the table linens or in the guest bath. Hauntingly beautiful, the Lush Gardenia Scentsy Circle is also eminently sharable, the unobtrusive disks simple to secrete in dozens of places where the lovely floral fragrance can overtake the senses. White gardenia and tuberose create an elegant pairing you can scatter among dresser drawers, hang in closets, bury in bags and dangle from the mirror in the car to ensure every moment of your day is scentsational. Needs no warmer to spread its classic tropical floral ambiance.



Scentsy Shinning Star