Perfect Scentsy Combined


Start your Scentsy adventure or expand your collection at a great price with the Perfect Scentsy – Combined. 6 Scentsy Bars of your choice, plus 1 Full-Size Premium Scentsy Warmer and 1 Deluxe Scentsy Warmer ($15 savings).


Perfect Scentsy Combined

Create your perfect combo of $30 Premium and $35 Deluxe Warmers with a six-pack of Scentsy bars — each piece in this offer is your choice, making a personalized Scentsy package easy and affordable. Avoid choosing favorites with the Perfect Scentsy Combined offer, pairing a Full-Size Premium Warmer with a Deluxe Warmer, and adding six Scentsy bars to an already sweet deal. Pick your warmers to dazzle, blend in, or both, and then turn your attention to the heady scented possibilities as you select your fragrances. Scentsy offers dozens of scent profiles and the website assists with a fragrance guide to find an assortment that intrigues and pleases.



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