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Scentsy Havana Cabana Room Spray


A forbidden city of tropical delights awaits you! Set the mood with a kiss of fragrance wherever and whenever it’s needed.


Scentsy Room Sprays


Experience the vibrant energy of the tropics with our Scentsy Havana Cabana Room Spray. This playful blend captures the essence of a sunny day in Havana, with its intoxicating mix of jungle bananas, tart pineapples, zesty oranges, and sweet Caribbean berries.

Picture yourself lounging on a tropical beach, surrounded by lush greenery and the sound of crashing waves. As you spray our Havana Cabana Room Spray, you’re instantly transported to this idyllic paradise, where the air is filled with the invigorating aroma of ripe fruits and exotic blooms.

Complementing the juicy notes of bananas, pineapples, oranges, and berries is a hint of sweetness that lingers in the air, creating a delightful sensory experience. The fragrance unfolds like a tropical symphony, awakening your senses and lifting your spirits.

Whether you’re spritzing it in your living room to create a festive ambiance or freshening up your bedroom for a burst of freshness, Havana Cabana Room Spray is sure to delight your senses and transport you to a sun-drenched paradise with every spritz.

Experience the allure of Havana Cabana Room Spray and let its playful blend of tropical fruits whisk you away to a carefree getaway with every spritz.


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