Scentsy Laundry Liquid 3 Pack


Tackle the heaviest laundry loads of the coming months by stocking up on our powerful new Layers Laundry Liquid. Enzyme the grime! A powerful 6-enzyme formula attacks difficult stains while penetrating cleaning agents lift away dirt. Leaves laundry remarkably clean as it enlivens your clothes, linens and towels with our signature fragrances. Enough detergent for 150 medium loads. 60 fl. oz.


This Combine and Save Scentsy Laundry Liquid 3 Pack will give you 3 bottles of our Laundry Liquid at a discounted price of $47. You’ll have enough for 150 medium loads! If you and your family love to play hard outdoors, it’s likely that you often have heaps of laundry to tackle every week. Ground in dirt, grass stains, and other unsightly grime can be a challenge to wash out, but not when you swap your traditional laundry detergent for our new Layers Laundry Liquid. Its super concentrated formula is designed to break the bonds of set in stains while leaving your clothes soft and fragrant with your favorite Scentsy aromas. It’s currently available in 8 delicious scents, as well as an unfragranced version that will give you a fresh, pure clean. Stock up on our Laundry Liquid by purchasing our Combine and Save Pack. You’ll get 3 bottles for a discount price of $47. That’s enough for 150 medium laundry loads!

Laundry Liquid

Scentsy Laundry Liquid