Totally Minnie Scentsy Bar


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Get ready to embrace your inner Minnie Mouse with the Totally Minnie Scentsy Bar. This delightful fragrance is a perfect blend of class and sass, featuring the sweet aroma of pink melon, the floral essence of hibiscus blooms, and the juicy freshness of apple.

As you break off a piece and place it in your Scentsy warmer, the room fills with the playful and fun-loving spirit of Minnie Mouse. The pink melon adds a touch of sweetness, reminiscent of Minnie’s charming personality and her love for all things pink and girly.

The hibiscus blooms lend a sophisticated floral note, embodying Minnie’s timeless elegance and grace. Combined with the juicy apple scent, this fragrance becomes a delightful concoction that is as refreshing as it is enchanting.

Whether you’re a fan of Minnie Mouse or simply appreciate a scent that’s full of fun, the Totally Minnie Scentsy Bar is a must-have addition to your collection. Let it transport you to a world of laughter and joy, where every moment is filled with magic and excitement.

Shop the Minnie Mouse collection in The Disney Collection and bring a touch of Minnie’s charm into your home. Embrace the fun, the flair, and the fabulousness with the Totally Minnie Scentsy Bar. Because when it comes to fragrance, why be anything but totally Minnie?