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Bubblegum Scentsy Bar


Fresh and chewy, nothing smells more like fun than Bubblegum Scentsy Bar. Recreate the thrill of sweetness and light opening a pack of sports cards brought, excitement over finding your favorite player cozying up to the subtle mint and sugar rush of a powdery stick of gum. Yummy memories for a limited time only.

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Bubblegum Scentsy Bar

Sweet and sassy, Bubblegum Scentsy Bar takes you back to the corner store, a fistful of coins plunked down for a stack of classic baseball cards with the iconic pink treat hiding inside. Spun sugar and a kiss of mint combine for a walk down penny candy lane, perfect for brightening up a room, the uncomplicated scent beloved by kids and the young at heart. Stock up on this happy fragrance to send dreary days packing.


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Bubblegum Scentsy Bar