Cider Mill Room Spray


Scentsy Cider Mill Room Spray fills your home with the warm comfort of a crisp autumn afternoon.

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Bright, fresh apples and warm, soothing, crushed pumpkin fragrances are brilliantly highlighted by a blend of fresh spices.As always, Scentsy’s expert blend offers long lasting, lingering fragrance that will never overwhelm your senses as some other, similar products often do. Create the warm, nurturing essence of a Fall afternoon in your home with Scentsy’s Cider Mill Room Spray. The bright, crisp burst of fresh, ripe apples and the warm comfort of crushed pumpin fragrances are balanced and highlighted by a zing of blended spices. Just a light spray in any of your spaces instantly brings to mind the comfort and ease of an autumn outing spent with friends and family. Some other, similar products are overwhelming when first sprayed and then quickly fade to nothing. Scentsy’s expert blend, however, means you’ll never be overwhelmed, and your spaces will offer long-lasting, lingering fragrance.