Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar


One faint whiff will call to mind the essence of pure, gentle winds gliding across a meadow, the soft blossoms that dot the grasses within, and billowing sheets and blouses that hang delicately upon a clothesline.

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Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar

Not only will you feel absolutely refreshed the moment you inhale this invigorating fragrance, you’ll be inspired to bring that sense of energy and peace to every aspect of your life. Nothing can compare to the air of awakening and renewal that the season of spring brings to the year. After long, cold months of being cooped up indoors, you’re always ready to start fresh and clear out all of things old and cluttered. As a result clear them both in your home and your mind. Start off on the right foot by creating a setting that is delightfully pristine with our Clean Breeze Scent Bar. Use this Scentsy Bar to make those once-dreaded chore days become occasions of absolute exhilaration. Buy all things clean.