Cozy Fireside Room Spray


Use our Cozy Fireside Room Spray to inspire the desire to get close.

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Cozy Fireside Room Spray – A base of various, complex spices provides an earthy foundation for top notes of zesty ginger and crushed cinnamon bark. Nothing says it’s winter time like the moment you and your man head out to collect the first batch of firewood. Bundled up in your thick coats, you stomp through the snow until finding the perfect piece of timber to bring home for your hearth. You can’t help but blush as you watch him swing his axe down upon every cracking chunk of wood, exuding that rugged handsomeness you find absolutely irresistible. Why don’t you create a setting of perfect intimacy once you return? The both of you will love how wholesome yet alluring this fiery new fragrance is.