Hokey Pokey Chicken Scentsy Warmer


Cock-a-doodle-doo! This Scentsy Warmer is 7.5″ tall and does not need a light bulb. A top selling wax warmer!

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Hokey Pokey Chicken Scentsy Warmer

Hokey Pokey announces the fragrant melting of the Scentsy cubes you love the most. The ebony feathers on his regal body handpainted and accented by icy spots. This proud prince of the farmyard is brilliantly crowned and bearded in crimson ready to strut his way into your decorating scheme. Scentsy reminds us to try a little whimsy to keep things fresh. Hokey Pokey Chicken Scentsy Warmer, preening as it warms the Scentsy cubes beloved by so many. This handpainted fellow is striking! Glossy black with a scattering of snowy polka dots, a scarlet comb and wattle begging for the attention only a star performer like this rooster deserves. Stoke this fancy guy with Scentsy bars and you might just hear him crow his approval.

Hokey Pokey Chicken Scentsy Warmer
Hokey Pokey Chicken Warmer


Hokey Pokey - Dish Only
Hokey Pokey Lid & Dish


Red Fox Scentsy Warmer
Red Fox Warmer


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