Luna Scentsy Bar


Transform a dull evening into one of enchantment and playfulness with our Luna Scentsy Bar. Just break off a piece of wax into your favorite Warmer, and its heated glow will release the aroma of a night time garden of revelry. Even if you’re not one for fairy tales, your mind will be swimming with fancies of luminous sprites dancing beneath the beams of a glistening moon.


Luna Scentsy Bar

The base of this intriguing Luna Scentsy Bar fragrance is composed of rich, earthy sandalwood. This forest element grounds the dazzling top notes of bursting berries and sensual white florals, including jasmine, freesia, and hypnotic sweet pea. Sleep will be the furthest thing from your mind once the room is filled with this lively yet mysterious scent. You’ll be far too busy enjoying the wonders of your own waking dream!

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