Scentsy Live Simply Milk Can Warmer


Complete the country look of your home or center your office with the charming milk jug shaped Life Simply Warmer. 6″ tall and uses a 25 watt bulb.

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Pare down to the essentials, taking time to smell the sweet flowers on the Scentsy Live Simply Milk Can Warmer. Settle this adorable milk can in a place where you can see it and ponder the wisdom of its words as you drop a cube or two of Scented wax into the lid and relax and enjoy the simple things.

Every time you drop in some Scentsy cubes take a moment to read and believe the straightforward advice, breathe deeply of the fragrance and resolve to concentrate on the the things that are truly meaningful in your life. Sweet flowers and a entwining vine that reminds how all things are connected surround the perfect sentiment.


Scentsy Fragrance

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Scentsy Live Simply Milk Can Warmer
Scentsy Live Simply Milk Can Warmer
Live Simply Milk Jug Scentsy Warmer - Lid Only
Live Simply Milk Jug Warmer Lid