Scentsy Scent Pak 6 Pack


Buy 5 Scent Paks, get 1 FREE ($7 savings) Choose your 6 Scentsy fragrances.


Scentsy Scent Pak 6 Pack

How about an extra FREE one? The Scentsy Scent Pak 6 Pack  “Buy 5 Scentsy Scent Paks, Get One Free” promotion allows you to save money and try out a new scent at the same time – so toss one in the hamper, hang one in your car, or tuck one among your shoe collection – there’s plenty more where that came from! Like a sweetly-fragranced reminder of your favorite memories, Scentsy Scent Paks can be used throughout your daily routine to add freshness and a welcoming ribbon of exhilaration wherever you choose to use them. Whether you want to sample a variety of Scentsy Fragrances, make a small stockpile of a favorite, or even distribute them as gifts for special occasions, the “Buy 5 Scentsy Scent Paks, Get One Free” promotion will save you money. From their delicate ribbon hanging loops to their festive fabric shells, scent paks are a fun way to explore the world of fragrance through Scentsy varieties and blends.

Scentsy Scent Packs


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