Scentsy Vanilla Cinnamon Clove 100% Natural Oil


Do you need to cocoon a little, wrapping warmth and comfort around you like a cozy comforter?

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Scentsy’s Vanilla Cinnamon Clove 100% Natural Oil is for you, a lush and layered embrace of smooth, sweet vanilla; warming, aromatic cinnamon; and spicy and fruity clove. Scentsy takes you on a trip down memory lane with Vanilla Cinnamon Clove 100% Natural Oil. You will feel supported and nurtured with this familiar smelling blend, a trip back in time to grandma’s cozy and fragrant kitchen when holiday treats lined the counter, made with love and evoking the sweetest memories. The warmth of cinnamon and highly aromatic clove is balanced by sweet, smooth vanilla, a blast from the past to enjoy when nostalgic and craving the feeling of family time.