Scentsy Warmer Stand Square


Simply stylish, the Scentsy Warmer Stand-Square adapts to a wide variety of decorating schemes.


With its matte bronze oil-rubbed finish it can disappear or stand out depending on the surface covering, its lines adding architectural interest to your Scentsy-scape. Protect your furniture while enhancing the look of your Scentsy warmers. A classic design the Scentsy Warmer Stand Square works well with every decorating scheme. Its strong lines are particularly in tune with modern motifs, but the angles and patterns will mesh well with art deco and craftsman styles from the early part of the 20th century, too. Sturdy and stylish, this stand is ready to support your Scentsy warmers, adding depth and interest. Durable powder coated metal, it glows with a oil rubbed finish in bronze.

Scentsy Warmer Stand Square

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