Skinny Dippin Travel Tin


Unlimited in placement as it needs no power outlet, Skinny Dippin Travel Tin, this box of summer sunshine can share its melange of melons and orchard fruits anywhere. Direct Shipping to your home or office via UPS.


Sweet and juicy, it is at home in the kitchen, the guest bathroom and the sunroom, especially when the weather is cold or dreary. A fruity concoction you can bring along wherever you roam is our Scentsy Skinny Dippin Travel Tin bursts with robust, ripe melon, crisp apples and mellow pears. Flip open this tin and it is instant summer, even in the dead of winter. Compact and easy to pack in a suitcase, briefcase or even purse, you can go “skinny dippin” when staying at a hotel or recreate a sunny warm day in the office even if there is drifted snow outside.

Fresh green apples perfectly harmonized with refreshing melons and juicy pears.

Slide the cover open on this Scentsy Travel Tin to add a little fragrance – or a lot. Perfect for travel or smaller spaces like cars, lockers, and closets.

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