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Suri The Seahorse Scentsy Buddy

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Available only while supplies last, so don’t wait to get the ones you love! Includes a Scent Pak.

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Suri The Seahorse Scentsy Buddy

Our Suri the Seahorse Scentsy Buddy comes with your choice of Scent Pak! Pick the fragrance that is right for you and your limited edition sea buddy!


Name: Suri

Species: Seahorse

Favorite hangout: Coral reefs

Favorite activities: Swimming with a friend

Favorite book: Secret Seahorse

Favorite movie: The Water Horse

Favorite song: Under the Sea

Favorite sports team: Seattle Seahawks

Food I crave: Sushi

Fun fact: We seahorses are unable to bend our tails backward.

Ambition: To help save my beloved coral reefs

Suri Seahorse Scented Buddy