Sweet Pea Vanilla Scentsy Bar


Use Our Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scentsy Bar when that special someone is coming to visit, and he’ll be sure to notice the romantic mood.


Now, you can fill your home with the same essence by using our Sweet Pea Vanilla Scentsy Bar. A piece or two heated up in your most stylish Scentsy Warmer release the enticing aroma of pink sweet pea petals, playfully juicy raspberries, and sensual yet innocent vanilla.

You’ve always been known as the flirtatious one. Eager to cause a stir in the hearts of your admirers, you can’t help but have some good fun in indulging in your coquettish ways.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than flaunting your femininity, and one of your favorite ways to do that has always been through the power of your own perfume. Those with a crush can never resist the allure of the sweet and girlish fragrance that wafts from your presence.


Sweet Pea Vanilla Scentsy Bar

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