Cider Mill Scent Circle


A dusting of cinnamon and other spices blends with apples and pumpkins for the ultimate harvest scent, warming and lush. Hang or stash in closed in spaces to replace stuffy with yummy. A yummy apple cinnamon blend, the Cider Mill Scent Circle mixes in a little pumpkin and harmonious spices to achieve a perfectly balanced and classic fall scent.


Elevate your space with the inviting essence of the Cider Mill Scent Circle. This captivating fragrance encapsulates the beauty of autumn, featuring the harmonious blend of bright and fresh apples, comforting crushed pumpkin, and a zing of blended spices.

Key features of the Cider Mill Scent Circle:

  1. Portable Aroma: The Scentsy Scent Circle offers the convenience of portable fragrance. Hang it freely in your car, closets, pantries, or any space that could benefit from a burst of inviting fragrance. Its compact design makes it versatile and easy to use wherever you go.
  2. Autumnal Bliss: Immerse yourself in the seasonal magic of fall with the Cider Mill Scent. The fragrance captures the crisp and bright notes of fresh apples, the comforting presence of crushed pumpkin, and the harmonious touch of blended spices. Together, these elements create an inviting and warm ambiance.
  3. Balanced Fragrance: Scentsy’s expert blend ensures that the Cider Mill Scent Circle delivers a well-balanced fragrance experience. The combination of ingredients is carefully crafted to offer a pleasing and lasting aroma without overwhelming the senses.
  4. Personalized Touch: Each Scent Circle comes with its own unique fragrance pattern, adding a touch of decorative charm to your space while infusing it with the enchanting aroma of fall.


Enhance your surroundings with the captivating Cider Mill Scent Circle. Let the bright and fresh apples, comforting crushed pumpkin, and blended spices infuse your chosen spaces with the essence of autumnal bliss. Whether you’re creating a cozy atmosphere, welcoming the spirit of the season, or simply enjoying the scents of fall, the Cider Mill Scent offers a delightful way to add a burst of inviting fragrance to your environment.