Lemon Essential Oil


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Fresh and sunny, Lemon Essential Oil is an upbeat and happy choice for your Scentsy diffuser. Use as is for a clear and zesty single note or combine with other Scentsy natural and essential oils to blend your own scent signature.  Lift your spirits and banish worries and cares by using this pure and natural oil. Lemon can sharpen your focus but has also been used over the years to promote relaxation and encourage deep and restful sleep.

Clear out negative thoughts and increase concentration and creativity with this cheery and tangy scent, cultivating a lemony fresh state of mind. Scentsy Oils are derived from the most intoxicating flowers, luscious fruits and vibrant botanicals — we source only the finest natural ingredients from around the globe. Scentsy Oils are exclusively designed for use in a Scentsy Diffuser.