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Mystery Man Scentsy Bar


A whisper of cedar wood oils, a twist of lush citrus bergamot, and a bloom of green verbena herb – these all await you in Scentsy’s Mystery Man fragrance bar. 2018 Scentsy Catalog.


Mystery Man Scentsy Bar

The cologne of a chance meeting, an unforgettable but fleeting walk through the woods – an exotic lunch with a handsome stranger, or just a fragrance bar? You decide! He’s interesting, he’s alluring – but still an enigma. If you close your eyes, you can still smell his cologne – a blend of crisp white cedar wood, freshly cut and laid beside a fire. Lush green verbena, adding an herbal twist that lingers and coaxes the senses in – and a fragrant flourish of bergamot fruit, ending the blend with a bright note of citrus. Women want to be near him, men want to be him, but the only clue of his true identity is found in the slowly melting cubes of Mystery Man Scentsy Bar. Will you ever meet him again? Maybe not, but at least you’ll always have his scent to remember him by.


Mystery Man Scentsy Bar




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