Mystery Man Scentsy Room Spray


Remembering the important men in your life with a spritz, Mystery Man Room Spray is hard to put your finger on, but you know you love it.

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Is it the smell of your father, freshly shaven, or your first boyfriend, nervous and earnest, or that sweet man snoozing on the couch after tucking the kids in their beds? Green and woody with a whisper of citrus, this is the man for you. Fill your rooms with the aura of the very best kind of men’s cologne. Casually confident and never overbearing, with a pump of Mystery Man Scentsy Room Spray. Green and fresh with verbena, herbal with a hint of lemon, this masculine scent is rounded out by white cedar and the intrigue of the Mediterranean bergamot, bitter orange balancing the other notes. Perfect for clearing the air prior to an elegant dinner or setting the scene in the bedroom.