Scentsy Kitchen Counter Cleaner Pack of 3


Clean and protected is good in your bath or kitchen — add a trio of fabulous Scentsy fragrances and good upgrades to great with the Three Counter Cleans Bundle.


Scentsy Kitchen Counter Cleaner Pack of 3

Choose among our fresh scents for some variety or stock up on a favored fragrance. Either way you enjoy savings and a steady supply of cleaning and protecting power with the best scents in the business. Scentsy combines proven cleaning power and dirt and moisture resistance in your choice of pleasing scents with our Scentsy Kitchen Counter Cleaner Pack of 3. Fresh fragrances remain after grease and dirt are banished when you use these counter sprays in your choice of up to three different scents. Regular use results in a durable finish that protects your valuable sealed bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Select a rotation of three or double or triple up on your signature scent at a savings when you buy the pack.

Scentsy Counter Cleaner
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