Scentsy Peppermint Essential Oil


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Are you feeling anxious or restless? A great way to reduce stress or refocus and concentrate is to include our Scentsy Peppermint Essential Oil in your diffuser, alone or with other calming and centering essences. We source our mentha piperita from Washington state to ensure freshness and because of its high quality. Use Peppermint Essential Oil when you seek to improve your mood and raise the spirits of those around you. The coolness and refreshing nature of its scent makes it very invigorating — using a few drops in your diffuser is a great way to increase your energy and sharpen your mental acuity. Peppermint oil is also brilliant at reducing the number or intensity of headaches and for relieving the symptoms of the common cold or allergies.

Scentsy Oils are derived from the most intoxicating flowers, luscious fruits and vibrant botanicals — we source only the finest natural ingredients from around the globe. Scentsy Oils are exclusively designed for use in a Scentsy Diffuser.