Ace Layers Body Lotion

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Scentsy offers you the opportunity to develop a unique fragrance that will become your signature with skin care products that provide layers of scents.

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Combine a body lotion with other products to bring depth and dimension to the fragrance that you select. Mix and match skin care and beauty products to create new scents that blend florals with citrus and spice. Have fun as you explore the wide range of Scentsy products that are now available. Indulge your senses with the spicy fragrance of Ace Layers body lotion. The fragrance gently lingers on your skin long after you have applied this skin care product. As you smooth this rich lotion onto your skin the delicate scent will dazzle and delicate. Those fresh notes in all Scentsy products are obtained from choice botanical ingredients. Refresh your spirits and become re-invigorated each and every time that you apply this luxuriously thick moisturizing lotion to your body. With soothing aloe vera and natural shea butter your skin will remain soft and beautiful throughout the year when you make Ace Layers body lotion a regular part of your daily grooming routine.