Havana Cabana Scentsy Bar


Just break off a few pieces of this lushly fragrant yellow Havana Cabana Scentsy wax into your favorite warmer to unleash the festive aroma of various tropical fruits.


Havana Cabana Scentsy Bar

A forbidden city of tropical delights awaits you! Though you may not have the pleasure of travelling to Cuba’s golden shores. You can enjoy the spirit of the island nation’s exotic jubilation by immersing yourself in the aroma of our Havana Cabana Scentsy Bar.

A playful blend of jungle bananas, tart pineapples, zesty oranges, and sweet Caribbean berries frolic about your senses in the same spectacular way Havana flamenco dancers create a whirling vision of color. You’ll be tempted to put on your most sashay-worthy skirt and move to the groove yourself when you experience this warm and tantalizing fragrance.

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