Iced Pine Scent Circle


Shimmering with frosty mint and deeply pine scented, the Iced Pine Scent Circle is like an instant Christmas tree.


Iced Pine Scent Circle

Pure pine with an minty kick that adds an icy shiver, enjoy the scent of the season on the go, pine-powered at work, home and as the absolutely ultimate car freshener. Enjoy a frosty evergreen forest without leaving the comfort of your snug home when your holiday preparations include Iced Pine Scent Circle. These intensely pine scented hangers fit in anywhere — hang one in the vehicle and one in the guest room, and scatter others in closets, drawers and hidden behind the nutcrackers. Send holiday wishes with a circle tucked in a gift basket or card; these thin and nose-twitching pine and peppermint-scented teasers fit anywhere.


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