Scentsy Bar 3 Pack


Use our new Combine and Save code to get 3 Scentsy bars for the cost of $17.00.

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Scentsy Bar 3-Pack

Theres nothing like saving money when you use the code MP-3PK for a instant savings. If you frequently use our world famous Scentsy Bars to fill your home with luscious aromas, you’ll certainly love having an opportunity to save as you stock up! When you buy our Scentsy Bar 3-Pack, you’ll get 3 Bars of your choosing with a total of $1 in savings.

This is a great option for exploring new aromas, since you get each bar at a discount. Feel free to mix and match scents as you please: we currently have over 80 to choose from! Or you can just buy 3 of one of your favorite scents so you won’t have to worry about running out.

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