Scentsy Calm Essential Oil Blend


Life can be hectic but Scentsy guides you on the path to serenity with its Calm Essential Oil Blend. Buy online now in our store. Direct Shipping to your home or office via UPS.

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A comforting hug of ginger and lemongrass focuses while earthy notes of green vetiver and woody petigrain bring you back into yourself, finding the harmony you have naturally but may have lost in day to day stresses. Warming and comforting ginger combined with the clean and fresh scent of lemongrass open your mind with Scentsy Calm Essential Oil Blend. Once you are in that crystal clear moment the grassy and earthy aroma of vetiver relieves any stress or anxiety, smoothing your mood for the final woody base note of petitgrain, uplifting and positive while remaining grounded. Give in to this blend and find that your racing thoughts are stilled and your outlook is serene.

Scentsy Oils are derived from the most intoxicating flowers, luscious fruits and vibrant botanicals — we source only the finest natural ingredients from around the globe. Scentsy Oils are exclusively designed for use in a Scentsy Diffuser.