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Scentsy Lighthouse Warmer


Our Lighthouse Scentsy Warmer is a beautiful reproduction of the classic symbol of the sea.

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Fine crafting and hand painted details make this Scentsy Warmer a true artistic sculpture. You’ll admire the beauty of its swirling blue paint and the beacon light that shines through its peeking vent holes. Walking along the breezy shore, you can feel the cool mist tickle your skin as the ocean waves crash against the rocks. Further down the trail of sand and dune grass, a statuesque lighthouse stands as a mighty pillar on the horizon. Our July Scentsy Warmer of the Month, Lighthouse was made to emulate this timeless symbol of the sea, with an intricately sculpted and painted architecture that is shining with detail. Fine lines divide each and every brick, colored in a swirl of navy and white paint. The entry and windows have been delicately crafted by hand, while the vent holes let light through to create the same beacon for seafarers sailing home. The Warming Dish comes with a cover that allows the aroma of your chosen Scentsy Bar to come through pure and strong.